MILITARY ART The Art of Tactical Defense A. I. Kalistratov 1 A Retrospective Probe into the Growing Role of Armed Confrontation in the Aerospace Sphere V. V. Barvinenko 12 Network-centric War Conception and Its Impact on the Character of Modern Operations M. M. Khamzatov 24 MILITARY-TECHNICAL POLICY Organizing Scientific Support for the Development of Naval Weapons S. K. Svirin 30 Quality Management of Arms and Military Materiel V. M. Burenok, A. A. Ivlev, S. S. Smirnov 48 MILITARY THEORY AND PRACTICE The Role and Place of Tanks in Contemporary Military Conflicts and Wars V. I. Martyshin 55 Main Tendencies in Developing Domestic Armored Vehicles Ye. I. Parfenov 63 The Laws and Regularities of Military Control V. A. Chernykh 71 On the Use of Underground Space in the Course of Battle Actions M. V. Vinichenko 81 Military Activity: Culturological Analysis G. A. Avanesova 90 Urgent Problems of Women's Involvement in Military Service in the Armed Forces of CIS Countries E. A. Strenina 99 Strategic Management and the Development of Armed Forces A. V. Dolgopolov, S. G. Chekinov 103 Contemporary Electronic Countermeasures V. A. Balybin, Yu. E. Donskov, I. V. Linnik 107 TRAINING AND INDOCTRINATION Optimization of the Content of Combat Service Moral and Psychological Support S. V. Goncharov 112 Basic Historical Trends in Professional Psychological Selection of Military Personnel I. I. Lebedovskaya 119 Psychological Maintenance in Military Pilot Training D. V. Gander 129 Problems of Education of Military Personnel in the Navy and Military Pursuits of the State V. V. Masorin 134 DISCUSSION FORUM Some Views on the Role of Russian Weapons in ...

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