Author: A. I. POZHAROV

Capt. 1st Rank A. I. POZHAROV (Ret.)

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor

In December 2005, the Military Financial/Economic University hosted a scientific practical conference that discussed the results of a research program called Formation of a New Paradigm of the Military Economic Science. The conference proceedings were published in Vestnik Voyennogo finansovo-ekonomicheskogo universiteta.1 The main results of the research program are the following.

A Paradigm within the System of Scientific Knowledge

In order to better understand the role and place of paradigms in the system of scientific knowledge and their changing patterns, the historical evolution of methods of ensuring military security and its reflection in the system of military economic knowledge was analyzed from this perspective. Analysis of source literature on the subject2 shows that three levels can be singled out within the structure of scientific knowledge (science).

* Level 1 - fundamental - is constituted by "eternal truths" accumulated since the moment science was born. They are simple and universal, comprising the general foundation of sciences.

* Level 2 - paradigmatic - comprises basic categories and laws of a particular science at a particular historical stage of its development that are recognized by the entire scientific community. In the context of military economic theories, they reflect specific methods of economic support for the war effort, conditional on the state of the economy and the military. E. g., the method of economic support in world wars was reflected in such categories as war economy as a specific military economic system, advance mobilization of the economy, economic mobilization, etc. They were accepted both in capitalist and in socialist countries.

* Level 3 - specific - comprised of the numerous derivative propositions, principles, and methods of fulfilling current tasks used in formulating

стр. 218

military economic policies and organizing practical activities. There ...

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