In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS Nonstandard Employment and the Russian Labor Market V. Gimpelson, R. Kapelyushnikov 3 Once Again About the Revolution of J. M. Keynes (An Attempt to Construct a Macroeconomic Theory for an Uncertain Economy) N. Makasheva 16 HISTORY Colonization of Lands: Siberia and the American West I. Suponitskaya 30 PHILOLOGY Genre Preferences of the Formalists and Mikhail Bakhtin V. Khalizev 50 PHILOSOPHY Nonclassical Forms of Artistic and Aesthetic Consciousness (An Essay in Chronotypology) N. Mankovskaya 59 POLITICAL SCIENCE Mechanism of "Political Investment, " or How and Why Business Participates in Elections and Funds Party Life S. Barsukova, V. Zvyagintsev 76 PSYCHOLOGY Personality-Related Peculiarities and Determinants of Social Representations K. Abulkhanova 89 SOCIOLOGY The Gerontological Component in a Modern Manager's Work with Employees M. Yelyutina, T. Smirnova 101 Social Policy: Corridors of Possibilities L. Yakobson 112 Conflict of Interests in Social Policy A. Nagaychuk 127 BOOK REVIEWS I. History E. Nitoburg. Russians in the United States: History and Destinies. 1870 - 1970 R. Kantor 134 II. History/Economics E. Pravilova. Finances of the Empire: Money and Power in Russia's Politics at the National Fringes. 1801 - 1917 B. Ananyich 137 III. Philology Yu. Azarov. Dialogue over Barriers: Literary Life in Russian Communities Outside Russia: Emigration Centers, Periodicals, Contacts (1918 - 1940) Ye. Domogatskaya 142 N. Malygina. Andrey Platonov: The Poetic System of "The Return" T. Davydova 146 IV. Philosophy V. Pustarnakov. Philosophical Thought in Old Rus K. Babayeva 150 V. Political Science I. Kurilla. Overseas Partners: America and Russia in the 1830s through the 1850s ...

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