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V. Gimpelson, R. Kapelyushnikov: "Institutionally, the Russian labor market is characterized by excessively stringent labor rules and a widespread practice of informal labor contracts that make it possible to soften or even ignore these rules. "

I. Makasheva: "One of the main lines of Keynes's philosophical and economic investigations was a study of the phenomenon of uncertainty, which has receded into the background in the face of the simple recommendations to which 'Keynesian wisdom' has been reduced. "

I. Suponitskaya: "...a comparison of the colonization of Siberia and the American West leads to the conclusion that they differ radically. Russian colonization was extensive, i. e., an expansion without a qualitative transformation of the space, because this process was conducted by the state. It retarded the modernization of the whole of Russia. Unlike Russian colonization, the intensive American colonization stimulated the economic and social achievements of the USA, and its main result was the shaping out of a new nation. "

V. Khalizev: "...the genres that were most appreciated by Bakhtin and the formalists in the general evolution of artistic culture did not have broad opportunities. Their unconditional apologia was a kind of short term zigzag in the history of aesthetic thought. At the same time, parodies, an unrestrained ironic and cheerful laughter as well as adventurism have made up a substantial component of the cultural and artistic life of various countries and epochs. Their understanding by formalists and Bakhtin, in particular, was their indisputable and vital credit. "

N. Mankovskaya: "In some way or other, nonclassics ended up claiming all classical aesthetic categories as its own, but their meaning has changed from within. A number of new categories and paracategories came into being. The 20th-century aesthetics partially waived its primogeniture linked with a sensual-emotional attitude to the world in favor of intellectual pleasure and, later, in favor of interactive rapport with ...

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