GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY The Collective Security Treaty Organization: Averting Security Threats in Central Asia A. L. Rekuta 1 FORCE DEVELOPMENT The Ground Forces: Past and Present A. F. Maslov 10 MILITARY ART The New Strategy of the Indirect Approach I. N. Vorobyov, V. A. Kiselev 27 On the Correlation of Operational Concept and Methods V. V Barvinenko, V. R. Lyapin 37 Armored Vehicle Armament: Its Role in Modern Combined-Arms Operations G. I. Golovachov, S. V. Kotov, A. A. Pleshakov 48 Forms and Methods of Deployment of Missile Troops and Artillery in Combined-Arms Operations V. N. Zaritsky 56 High-Accuracy Military Engagement I. N. Vorobyov, V. A. Kiselev 62 Tactical Airborne Landing Operation in the Modern Offensive M. V. Kremenevskiy 71 MILITARY-TECHNICAL POLICY Legal Questions of Military-Technical Policy V. V. Menshchikov 77 Vertically Integrated Structures: A New Basis of the Defense Industrial Complex V. V. Menshchikov 82 MILITARY THEORY AND PRACTICE Reduction of Arms and Military Equipment Signature: Problem and Ways of Solving It Yu. E. Donskov, V. G. Kerkov, V. V. Vassiliev 87 The Air Defense System and an Evaluation of Its Efficiency Yu. V. Krinitskiy, V. N. Cherkasov 94 Some Ideas About Improving Reconnaissance in the Interests of Destruction of the Enemy by the Rocket Troops and Artillery S. V. Bogatinov, I. B. Sheremet 100 On the Protection of the Tactical Troop Formations in Combined-Arms Combat Yu. E. Donskov, V. A. Tatarchukov, A. V. Zagorudko 107 TRAINING AND INDOCTRINATION Urgent Problems of Rocket and Artillery Troops' Personnel Training V. A. Kezhaev 114 MILITARY ECONOMY AND LOGISTICS On Specifics of Military Property Management N. A. Kryukov ...

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