In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS The Russian Economy in the Context of Global Energy Market Trends V. Mironov, S. Pukhov 3 Can Russia Become an Energy Superpower? V. Milov 23 HISTORY Dialogue with the Archaic V. Khachaturyan 33 PHILOLOGY The Semantics of the Borderline in Gogol's Story The Portrait V. Krivonos 48 An Axiological Approach to Russian Classical Literature V. Korovin 61 PHILOSOPHY Philosophy and the Epoch of Civilizational Change V. Stepin 73 POLITICAL SCIENCE The Ontology of Diversity (Interpreting Article 13 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation) M. Krasnov 86 PSYCHOLOGY "The Psychological Society": Characterizing the Phenomenon I. Sirotkina, R. Smith 100 SOCIOLOGY The Ecological Paradigm As an Element of Culture O. Yanitsky 110 HISTORY/ECONOMICS The "Power/Property" Correlation As Treated by Russian Historians and Economists S. Tsirel 124 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics V. Mau, A. Mordashov, Ye. Turuntsev (Ed.). Market Democracy in Action: Modern Political and Economic System in Advanced Countries V. Kudrov 138 II. History The Northern Encyclopedia. V. Golubchikova, Z. Khvatisiashvili (Project Supervisors), Ye. Akbalyan (Complier) V. Nemchinov 143 The National Idea in Western Europe in Modern Times: Historical Essays R. Kaplanov 146 III. History/Psychology A. Gurevich. The Individual and Socium in the Medieval West M. Guseltseva 150 IV. Philology I. Silantyev. The Poetics of the Motif Yu. Shatin 155 M. Robinson. The Fates of the Academic Elite: Russian Slav Studies, 1917 - Early 1930s. Ye. Velmezova 160 V. Philosophy S. Nikonenko. English Philosophy in the 20th Century A. Veretennikov 166 Ye. Mamchur. Objectivity of ...

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