50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE RAS INSTITUTE FOR FAR EASTERN STUDIES The Institute for Far Eastern Studies - Present and Future. Speech at the anniversary conference of the RAS IFES, October, 28, 2006 M. Titarenko 1 Russia-China-India in the Wake of the St. Petersburg and Vladivostok Meetings (The 6th Russian-Chinese-Indian Academic Conference on Trilateral Cooperation, Delhi, 2 - 4 November, 2006) S. Uyanaev 13 Sixth Russia-China-India Academic Trilateral Conference, 2 - 4 November, 2006. Joint Statement   16 Can Russia, China, and India Cooperate in Agriculture? V. Portyakov 18 West Asia: Failure of Procrustean Ventures Hamid Ansari 23 Break the Doha Round Deadlock, and Deepen China-India-Russia Economic Cooperation CHEN Zuming 27 POLITICS The Year of Russia in China and the Year of China in Russia: Two Halves of a Single Whole K. Vnukov 33 The Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the CPC D. Smirnov 38 Vietnam: the Policy of Doi Moi Turns 20 Ye. Kobelev 47 APEC Prospects and Economic Integration in East Asia (Notes from the APEC Business Summit) M. Potapov 65 ECONOMICS The General Plan for a Gas and Oil Complex in East Siberia and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Its Significance for Russia's Socioeconomic Development and Energy Security A. Kontorovich, V. Kashirtsev, A. Korzhubaev, and A. Safronov 74 SOCIETY Trafficking in Women and Children in Present-Day China O. Pochagina 82 CULTURE Stories by Valentin Rasputin in China LI Suian 102 INFORMATION The 16th International Scientific Conference China, Chinese Civilization and the World: Past, Present, and Future S. Gorbunova 106 Mongolian Statehood: the Past and the Present. The Topic of the 9th International Congress ...

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