In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS Economic Methodology and Postmodernism I. Boldyrev 3 HISTORY Aleksandr Nikitenko: the Russian Liberal As an Heir to Petrine Reforms V. Kantor 18 The Conspiracy Conception in the Radical Socialist Thought of Russia of the 1840s-1880s: Periodization and Typology V. Isakov, I. Isakova 32 PHILOLOGY Understanding and Writing: Vasily Rozanov's Experience A. Gryakalov 42 PHILOSOPHY/SOCIOLOGY Sociology of Science: An Analysis of Situations and the Problem of Competence A. Shkurko 55 POLITICAL SCIENCE The Geography of Russia's Electoral Culture D. Oreshkin, D. Oreshkina 72 Social Policy: Target-the New Middle Class O. Shkaratan 89 PSYCHOLOGY Psychological Mechanisms of Xenophobia G. Soldatova 105 SOCIOLOGY Russian Entrepreneur-Aspects Z. Golenkova, of Present-Day Life Ye. Igitkhanyan 122 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev. Economic Growth-Liberal Alternative G. Kleyner 133 II. History O. Bachurina. Sergey Prokopovich's Economic Heritage and His Public and Political Activities in Emigration (1922 - 1939) D. Bondarenko 137 A. Petrov. The Russo-American Company: Its Activity on the Domestic and Foreign Markets (1799 - 1867) I. Savelyev 140 III. History/Political Science China: Threats, Risks and Challenges to Development M. Karpov 143 IV. Philology V. Alpatov. Voloshinov, Bakhtin and Linguistics D. Sichinava 141 20th Century Russian Literature: Regularities of Historical Development. Book 1. New Artistic Strategies O. Temirshina 156 V. Philosophy V. Rozin. Development of Law in Russia As a Condition of the Coming into Being of Civil Society and an Efficient Authority A. Ogurtsov 162 VI. Political Science A. Kornilov. Security Above All. The State of Israel-Foreign Policy and National ...

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