THE JOURNAL FAR EASTERN AFFAIRS IS 35 YEARS OLD Congratulations to Far Eastern Affairs on the journal's 35th anniversary   3 RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA: DIALOGUE UNDER WAY Lessons from the Development of the International Situation in 2005 - 2006, and the Collaboration between Russia, China, and India (A report at the VI Trilateral Conference of Scholars from Russia, China, and India. New Delhi, November 3 - 4, 2006) M. Titarenko 5 Transport Routes Across Asia: How Important They Are to Russia, China, and India S. Uyanaev 14 Regional and Global Resources of Cooperation Between Russia, India and China in the Central Asian Framework S. Luzianin 23 POLITICS The People's Republic of China in 2006 V. Portyakov 34 Russia and China: Prospects of Interaction in New Fuel-and-Energy Conditions L. Badalian, V. Krivorotov 52 RUSSIAN FAR EAST The "Altai" Trunk Gas Pipeline and Prospects of Russia's Outlet to the Fuel-and-Energy Market of the Asia-Pacific Region and the Development of Transit Regions N. Dobretsov, A. Kontorovich, V. Molodin, A. Borisenko, A. Korzhubaev 73 ECONOMICS Asian Countries in Search of an Optimal Integration Model A. Abalkina 86 HISTORY The 1945 Chinese-Soviet Treaty on Friendship and Alliance, and the 1950 Treaty on Friendship, Alliance, and Mutual Assistance Between China and the Soviet Union (comparative analysis) Luan Jinghe 98 RUSSIANS IN CHINA Nikolai Ustryalov - Professor at the Harbin Law School V. Romanovsky 118 CULTURE Original Features of the "East-West" Historical-philosophical Paradigm in Boris Pilnyak's Works E. Babkina 126 BOOK REVIEWS G. V. Kireev. Russia-China. Unknown Pages of the Border Talks Yu. Peskov 132 Paltemaa, L. In the Vanguard of History - the Beijing Democracy Wall movement 1978 - ...

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