Russia producers to present state - of-art- equipment at air show

ZHUKOVSKY (Moscow region), August 21 (Itar-Tass) - Russian producers will present state-of-art aerospace equipment at the international show MAKS' 2007 opening in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on Tuesday.

The Irkutsk aircraft factory will show the latest jet fighter Su-30 MK, the amphibia plane BE-200 and the rotorcraft A-002 M.

The rotorcraft takes on the board 300 kilogram of cargoes or two-three people.

Using the rotor propeller that revolves around vertical axis under pressure of the airflow, the craft flows at 200 kilometers an hour within a 500-kilometer range.

The plane is usable in search and rescue operation, ambulance flights and the patrolling of motor roads. Series production of the light rotorcraft has been begun.

Omsk's production association Polyot will display at the aerospace show the light rocket Kosmos-3 M, multi-mission planes A-3T and An-74, as well as light spacecraft.

The association's marketing department director Sergei Nazarenko told ITAR-TASS that the light biplane An-3T had arrived in Zhukovsy and begun training flights. It is the sole one-engine plane in the world that has reached the South Pole.

Polyot's director-general Vasily Kovalyov said his enterprise would present its products at aerospace show together with Moscow's Khrunichev Space Center that Polyot merged this year according to the Russian president's decree.

The Urals optic-mechanical plant will show round-the-clock tracking station for the planes MiG and Sukhoi.

The plant's press service told ITAR-TASS that the stations had been designed on a modern element basis. They can detected and track aerial and ground targets even in the presence of jamming.

Unlike systems of a previous generation, the new stations cover several objects, and a multi-channel tracking device secures precise designation.

The Urals designers will also present the optic-electronic container Sapsan-E that is intended for precise designation of weapons from planes in all modes of ...

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