GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY Russia's New Military Doctrine: Structure, Substance M. A. Gareev 1 Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation (Points for a Report) Y. N. Baluyevsky 15 Doctrinal Views on Employment and Organizational Development of the Armed Forces of Russia A. S. Rukshin 23 About Some Aspects of Military-Technical Policy of the State in the Light of edrafted Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation A. G. Burutin 31 Naval Doctrine as a Component Part of the Russian Federation Military Doctrine V. V. Masorin 39 Strategic Nuclear Weapons in Russia's Military Doctrine V. V. Korobushin 46 Matters of Air and Space Defense in Russia's Military Doctrine B. F. Cheltsov 50 Ensuring Russia's Interests in Military Space Activity V. A. Popovkin 56 The Fight Against Terrorism: Key to the Country's Security A. S. Kulikov 58 Doctrinal Aspects of Internal Security V. P. Baranov 63 NATO's Doctrinal Views on War Character and Security S. L. Pechurov 68 Military Doctrine in the National Defense System V. A. Kiselev 75 Military-Political Aspects of Future Cooperation Among Russia, India and China in the Bilateral Format and Within SCO A. F. Klimenko 85 FORCE DEVELOPMENT Managing the Interior Ministry Troops' Construction and Development Planning V. P. Baranov 97 Obscure Aspects of Evident Problems: Control of Aerospace Defense (ASD) Troops (Forces) in Russia A. P. Korabelnikov 104 MILITARY ART On Interaction of Troops in Operation (Combat) V. V. Trushin 113 Forms of Deployment of the Joint Grouping of Aviation and Air Defense Troops in Operations V. V. Marinin, V. I. Tkachev 120 Joint Combat Training System ...

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