Russia's New Military Doctrine: Structure, Substance

Author: M. A. GAREEV

On January 20, 2007, in the conference hall of the Defense Ministry's Dom-1 [Facility No. 1], the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) held a military-scientific conference, subject: The Structure and Main Content of the New Military Doctrine of Russia.1

Following is the text of the report by AMS President Army Gen. M. A. Gareyev, as well as highlights of presentations at the conference by Army Gen. Yu. N. Baluyevskiy, chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces; Col. Gen. Rukshin, head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, and A. G. Burutin, an advisor to the president of the Russian Federation.

Gen. M. A. GAREEV, President, the Academy of Military Sciences

At a session of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, in June 2005, RF President V.V. Putin set the task of developing a new military doctrine of Russia, which was necessitated by the fact that after the current Military Doctrine was approved, in 2000, substantial changes had occurred in the directions and trends of the evolution of the military-political situation, the character of threats to the State in the sphere of defense and security; the tasks assigned to the Armed Forces and other troops had been reviewed, and considerable transformations had also occurred in the State and military command and control system. Furthermore, certain propositions of the present doctrine do not fully respond to the realities that have evolved in the past few years, and are in effect no longer working in the interest of strengthen the country's security.

Therefore, it is necessary to discuss this problem and attempt to provide a scientifically substantiated answer to a number of pressing fundamental questions related to the development of a new version of Military Doctrine and to work out approaches toward tackling this important task. Does the State need such a document ...

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