Concerning Development of Man-Military Equipment System

Author: V. A. RODIN, O. Yu. YEFREMOV

Col. V. A. RODIN (Ret.), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences

Col. O. Yu. YEFREMOV, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

At the present time owing to the introduction of progressively advanced and knowledge-intensive weaponry in the troops (forces) and to the necessity for preventing failures and accidents incurred in its employment and to the complexity of the process of armed struggle itself the problem of the study and development of the man-military equipment system becomes increasingly urgent.

In the past decades, particularly in the 1960s - 1970s, there were sufficiently many writings published in the named range of problems.1 Although due to the conditions established that time the studies themselves were characterized by excessive ideologizing and politicizing of the problem that sometimes obscured the genuine complexity of the relationships of a man and military equipment, some valuable conclusions were made in those writings.

The significant thing is that they have reflected the first stage of the military technical revolution, which is associated with the realities of nuclear weapons employment. On the current stage of the military technical revolution the weapons of mass destruction have become primarily the means of deterrence. Armed struggle is characterized by the wide use of precision weapons, highly effective information technologies and telecommunication systems. It appears that the cardinal changes in soldiery have called for rethinking of the problem, for searching new approaches to the analysis of the man-military equipment relationships and for the more profound theoretical and methodological level of addressing the problem. Amidst the increasing trend of the joint commitment in the warfare process of different military services and fighting arms the unacceptability of monotechnic - only service rating (in terms of military scientific knowledge) of the man-at-arms in his systemic relationship with the military equipment becomes increasingly obvious.

All this presents new requirements, first and foremost, for the system of military scientific knowledge, for overcoming ...

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