In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS Fast Growing Firms and the Evolution of the Russian Economy A. Yudanov 3 Democratization and Economic Growth V. Polterovich, V. Popov 21 Social Justice in Economic Relations: Institutional Aspects D. Petrosyan 38 HISTORY The Russian People in the 20th Century: Paradoxes of the Historical Destiny V. Kotov , V. Trepavlov 46 Some Thoughts on the Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1905 A. Sakharov 59 PHILOLOGY Half a Century Anniversary of the Voprosy literatury Journal S. Bocharov 74 PHILOSOPHY Prospects for Reliabilism M. Lebedev 81 POLITICAL SCIENCE Metamorphoses of the Geopolitical Views of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation N. Rabotyazhev, E. Solovyov 97 PSYCHOLOGY Quantitative Estimate of the Macropsychological State of Modern Russian Society A. Yurevich, D. Ushakov, I. Tsapenko 110 SOCIOLOGY The Russian Diaspora in the Crimea: Ethnopolitical Aspect O. Volkogonova 129 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics A. Davydov. The Growth of the American Economy in the Globalization Era V. Spichkin 141 G. Vlaskin, Ye. Lenchuk. Industrial Policy in the Context of Innovation Economy: Experience of Central and East European Countries and the CIS A. Khachaturyan 148 II. History Administrative Reforms in Russia: History and the Present Day K. Solovyov 153 G. Ivanova. A History of GULAG. 1918 - 1958. Socioeconomic and Political-Legal Aspects A. Shirokov 158 III. Philosophy N. Motroshilova. Russian Thinkers and Western Philosophy M. Maslin 163 IV. Political Science The Union Could Have Been Saved. The White Paper: Documents and Facts about Mikhail Gorbachev's Policy of Reforming and Safeguarding the Multinational State P. Yuryev 171 V. ...

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