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A. Yudanov: "We are now close to an economically intelligible explanation of a fact that researchers find particularly shocking: a PERFECT agreement between actual sales patterns in many fast growing firms and a mathematically exact exponential curve. The common sense of an economist refuses to accept the fact that sales volume, i.e., a quantity depending on many factors (autonomous demand fluctuations, price movements, competitor activities, advertising, etc.), follows a simple mathematical rule without any deviation. One is tempted to exclaim: this is impossible!"

V. Polterovich, V. Popov: "In this study we have tried to separate these two concepts and compare the impact of democratization in countries with varying potentials of governments to maintain the rule of law relying not on the dictator's will but on the legal code and established rules and traditions. We have found that in countries with quality institutions (low corruption, high level of the rule of law and investment climate) democratization has a favorable impact on institution building and economic growth, while in countries with poor institutions democratization further weakens them and undermines growth."

D. Petrosyan: "The strategy used to replace the administrative-command system in Russia was based, to a great extent, on the idea that Russia's economy should be patterned on the Western one and the replacement should be done through transplantation or borrowing those of the institutions that had already proved their efficiency (in a different institutional context, to tell the truth). Russia's negative experience has proved that foreign institutions as the open society's cornerstone cannot be planted in alien soil without adjustments. The social and economic situation of the majority of Russia's population was dramatically aggravated by alternative institutional models imposed by force on society together with the wrong idea that the market could automatically bring about social justice all by itself."

V. Kotov, V. Trepavlov: "Throughout the 20th century it fell to the Russian people ...

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