SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2007: 1 - 4


The Russian Economy in the Context of Global Energy Market Trends

V. Mironov, S. Pukhov

No. 1

Can Russia Become an Energy Superpower?

V. Milov

No. 1

Economic Methodology and Postmodernism

I. Boldyrev

No. 2

The Russian Corporation and Regional Authorities: Interaction Models and Their Evolution

A. Yakovlev

No. 3

Institutional Competition and Post-Soviet Transformation (The Influence of Informal Institutions)

A. Libman

No. 3

Investment Myopia As Institutional Restraint on Economic Growth in Post-Soviet Russia

I. Rozmainsky, A. Skorobogatov

No. 3

Fast Growing Firms and the Evolution of the Russian Economy

A. Yudanov

No. 4

Democratization and Economic Growth

V. Polterovich, V. Popov

No. 4

Social Justice in Economic Relations: Institutional Aspects

D. Petrosyan

No. 4

стр. 198

HISTORY Dialogue with the Archaic V. Khachaturyan No. 1 Aleksandr Nikitenko: the Russian Liberal As an Heir to Petrine Reforms V. Kantor No. 2 The Conspiracy Conception in the Radical Socialist Thought of Russia of the 1840s - 1880s: Periodization and Typology V. Isakov, I. Isakova No. 2 The Russian People in the 20th Century: Paradoxes of the Historical Destiny V. Kotov, V. Trepavlov No. 4 Some Thoughts on the Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1905 A. Sakharov No. 4 PHILOLOGY The Semantics of the Borderline in Gogol's Story The Portrait V. Krivonos No. 1 An Axiological Approach to Russian Classical Literature V. Korovin No. 1 Understanding and Writing: Vasily Rozanov's Experience A. Gryakalov No. 2 Marxism in Mikhail Prishvin's Worldview and Creative Work A. Podkosyonov No. 3 Half a Century Anniversary of the ...

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