In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS The Russian Corporation and Regional Authorities: Interaction Models and Their Evolution A. Yakovlev 3 Institutional Competition and Post-Soviet Transformation (The Influence of Informal Institutions) A. Libman 19 Investment Myopia As Institutional Restraint on Economic Growth in Post-Soviet Russia I. Rozmainsky, A. Skorobogatov 32 PHILOLOGY Marxism in Mikhail Prishvin's Worldview and Creative Work A. Podkosyonov 48 PHILOSOPHY Does Human Consciousness Evolve? I. Merkulov 65 POLITICAL SCIENCE Russia's Image in the West (Formulation of the Problem) I. Semenenko, V. Lapkin, V. Pantin 79 Ethnopolitical Conditions of Civil Integration of Russian Society E. Pain 93 PSYCHOLOGY Subjective Experience and Culture. Structure and Dynamics Yu. Aleksandrov, N. Aleksandrova 109 SOCIOLOGY Civic Spirit Measured in Social Dimension V. Levashov 125 HISTORY/ PHILOSOPHY/ PSYCHOLOGY Lev Vygotsky's Psychology of Art As an Avant-Garde Project I. Chubarov 136 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics K. Mikulinsky (ed.). Socioeconomic Models in the Contemporary World and Russia's Road: in two books. Book 2: Socioeconomic Models S. Sitaryan 148 II. History S. Fyodorov. The Early Stuart Aristocracy (1603 - 1629) T. Labutina 152 The Russian Clergy and Overthrow of Monarchy in 1917 T. Leontyeva 155 III. Philology U. Abisheva. Neorealism in Russian Literature: the 1900s - 1910s. D. Zemskova 158 A. Sarukhanyan (ed.). Encyclopedic Dictionary of 20th-century English Literature G. Starikovsky 161 IV. Philosophy /Political Science T. Sidorina. Two Centuries of Social Policy T. Alekseyeva 163 V. Psychology V. Znakov. Psychology of Understanding: Problems and Prospects T. Kornilova 167 VI. Sociology M. Gorshkov, N. Tikhonova (ed.). Russian ...

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