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A. Yakovlev: "The results of our survey point to the development of more equitable and civilized relations between enterprises and regional authorities. One should note the latter's activity in supporting enterprises and the relative effectiveness of their efforts. Let us emphasize the increasing use of organizational support mechanisms in Russian regions (in many cases, such support today is more important than direct financial support)."

A. Libman: "Since institutional competition, as a rule, "shifts the balance of power" from "the side of supply" on the market of institutions towards "the side of demand," the peculiarities of the behavior of the latter acquire decisive significance from the point of view of economic development."

I. Rozmainsky, A. Skorobogatov: "...investment myopia, which means underestimation of the future and a narrowed horizon of planning by economic agents, is one of the most significant links between an 'unfavorable,' i.e., ineffective, institutional environment, on the one hand, and a low rate of economic growth combined with technological degradation, on the other... A low level of investment, a slow economic growth rate and technological degradation will affect the Russian economy for a long time to come."

A. Podkosyonov: "This article attempts to elucidate the influence of Georgy Plekhanov's social and aesthetic ideas on Mikhail Prishvin's worldview and work while juxtaposing certain events in Prishvin's life with their literary version, and the views contained in Prishvin's diary notes with their censorized artistic interpretations."

I. Merkulov: "Any meaningful progress in cultural and social evolution... confronts people with the need to adapt themselves to the new social and cultural environment... cultural evolution exerts a strong selection pressure on the biological (cognitive) evolution of human populations and, consequently, evolution of consciousness. Progressive shifts in cognitive evolution, a new level of the cognitive development of people, their self-consciousness and consciousness, in turn, are necessary prerequisites for further cultural and social evolution of human populations."


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