GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY Military-Political Aspects of Future Cooperation Among Russia, India and China in the Bilateral Format and within SCO A.F. Klimenko 1 Experience of the CIS Antiterrorist Center in Terrorist Threat Neutralization B.S. Sarsekov 10 About the Present-Day Context of "National Security" Concept V.A. Gusachenko 14 Naval Activity: Key Problems of Development M.L. Abramov 28 Military Academy of the General Staff: History and Modern Times (Devoted to the 175th Anniversary from the Date of Foundation) I.I. Efremov 36 Military Strategy of the Russian Federation in the Early 21st Century A.I. Malyshev 54 Navy's Role in Strategic Deterrence Yu.P. Gladyshev, YuA. Uvarov 66 FORCE DEVELOPMENT Organizational Development and Streamlining of the Internal Troops as Part of the State Military System, Based on the Experience of the Great Patriotic War V.P. Baranov 76 MILITARY ART Some Aspects of Concepts Refinement in Military Art G.P. Bednov, A.V. Lazarev, G.E. Moskvitch 85 Modern Tactics: the Analysis of the State-of-the-Art and Trends of Development I.N. Vorobiev, V.A. Kiselyov 96 On Fighting Capabilities of Groups of Troops in a Combined Arms Operation (Battle) E.I. Bryuzgin 104 The Evolution and Development of the Theory and Practice of the Operational Art at the General Staff Military Academy A.N. Stolyarov 110 Fire Destruction of the Enemy in Defensive Operation of Operational Strategic Large Formation V.N. Kalashnikov 124 MILITARY-TECHNICAL POLICY The Role of Operational-Tactical Requirements in Warship Development V.I. Vasyukov, S.K. Svirin 130 Organizing Operation, Maintenance and Storage of Weapons and Military Equipment: Scientific-Methodological and Regulatory Support V.A. Gorshkov, V.A. Molchanov 142 Military Satellite Communications Systems: Current State and Development Prospects V.A. Grigoryev, I.A. Khvorov 149 ...

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