Military-Political Aspects of Future Cooperation Between Russia, India and China in the Bilateral Format and within SCO



Candidate of Military Sciences

Prospects of Multilateral Cooperation within Shanghai Cooperation Organization

It is not at all accidental that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has been repeatedly mentioned in this paper. Speaking about interstate cooperation methods and format, it should be noted that in the short-term perspective SCO member states are likely to discuss India's full membership in this agency. But will this step actually meet India's interests as well as the interests of its SCO partners?

Some time ago Indian Ambassador to Russia Krishnan Raghunath in his interview to Nezavisimaya Gazeta said that the war in Iraq influenced the interests of different countries worldwide, including such a strategically important and large Asian power as India. New threats to global stability, including the problem of international terrorism, strengthen its aspiration to ensure national security, in particular - by joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.1

It is very important for India that interstate cooperation within SCO "is not directed against any other nations." India supports SCO's goals in stimulating economic cooperation, regional stability, straggle against terrorism and religious extremism." And the cooperation between India, Russia and China will promote "the creation of a rational world order" in view of the role they are playing in the world community and their "similar approach to most key issues." The ambassador also emphasized that "India wants to play a constructive and active role in SCO."2

In our opinion, as early as today the scientific community of our countries could begin the discussion devoted to multilateral cooperation within the frame-

Conclusion. See the beginning in Military Thought, No. 2, 2007.

стр. 1

work of this agency (in the context of India's preparation for full membership in SCO). We believe that rather wide prospects are opening in this respect.

Some ...

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