Scholars, teachers and others engaged in the study of Soviet affairs depend on the Soviet press for documents and statistics, information on domestic developments, indications of official attitudes and policies, and key public pronouncements. Such press materials constitute, over time, a unique body of information that is crucial in research, analysis and teaching.

For the purpose of providing systematic, comprehensive coverage of these materials and regularly presenting an expert selection in English, The Current Digest of the Soviet Press was founded by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council in 1949. The journal has been published weekly since that time, first by the founding scholarly organizations, then by the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, and now as an independent non-profit corporation affiliated with AAASS, ACLS and The Ohio State University.


The two most important Soviet newspapers. Pravda and Izvestia. are received by air mail. Their contents are utilized in the Current Digest within approximately one month after the date of their publication in Moscow. These two possess the highest authority among Soviet newspapers and print most of the genera! news and information carried by the Soviet press as a whole. The most important items from these two papers are given in full in the Current Digest; others are condensed.

The Current Digest also selects materials from approximately 100 other Soviet newspapers and magazines, which are not usually received in the United States by air mail. Because of the necessary time lag, only material of special or lasting interest to persons engaged in the study of Soviet developments is reprinted from these papers and magazines.

Translation and Condensation

Since the Current Digest is intended to provide documentary materials, every effort is made to preserve the sense and spirit of the Russian text. Each item appearing in ...

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