SOME SOVIET PUBLICATIONS From Which Translations Appear in The Current Digest

SOME SOVIET PUBLICATIONS From Which Translations Appear in The Current Digest


Ekonomicheskaya gazeta, Economic Gazette, weekly of Party Central Committee.

Gudok, The Whistle, railroad daily.

Izvestia, News, central government daily.

Komsomolskaya pravda. Young Communist League Truth, daily.

Krasnaya zvczda. Red Star. Defense Ministry daily.

Leningradskaya pravda, Leningrad Truth, local daily.

Literaturnaya gazeta. Literary Gazette, weekly of Soviet Writers' Union.

Literaturnaya Rossia. Literary Russia, wee'kly of Russian Republic Writers' Union and its Moscow branch

Meditsinskaya gazeta. Medical Gazette, semiweekly.

Moskovskaya pravda, Moscow Truth, local daily

Moskovskiye novosti, Moscow News, weekly.

Nedelya, The Week. Sunday supplement of izvestia.

Pionerskaya pravda, Pioneers' Truth, published for children twice weekly by Y.C.L. and Young Pioneers.

Pravda, Truth, central Communist Party daily.

Rabochaya gazeta. Workers' Gazette, Ukraine Communist Party daily.

Selskaya zhizn. Rural Life, daily of Party Central Committee.

Sotsialisticheskaya industria, Socialist Industry, Communist Party daily.

Sovetskaya kultura, Soviet Culture, triweekly of Party Central Committee.

Sovetskaya lorgovlya, Soviet Trade, triweekly.

Sovetsky sport, Soviet Sport, daily.

Trud, Labor, daily of Central Council of Trade Unions.

Uchitelskaya gazeta. Teachers' Gazette, triweekly

Vechernyaya Moskva, Evening Moscow, local daily

Vodny transport. Water Transport, daily.

Vozdushny transport, Air Transport, daily

Za rubezhom, Abroad, weekly review of foreign affairs and foreign press, issued by Journalists' Union.

Dailies published jointly by Party and government in Union republics:

Armenia Kommunist, The Communist, Yerevan

Azerbaidzhan - Bakinsky rabochy, Baku Worker, Baku.

Belorussia Sovetskaya Belorussia, Soviet Belorussia, Minsk.

Estonia Sovetskaya Estonia, Soviet Estonia, Tallinn

Georgia Zarya Vostoka, Dawn of the East, Tbilisi.

Kazakhstan Kazakhstanskaya pravda, Kazakhstan Truth, Alma-Ata.

Kirgizia Sovetskaya Kirgizia. Soviet Kirgizia. Frunze.

Latvia Sovetskaya Latvia, Soviet Latvia, Riga.

Lithuania Sovetskaya Litva, Soviet Lithuania, Vilnius.

Moldavia - Sovetskaya Moldavia, Soviet Moldavia. Kishinev.

Russia Sovetskaya ...

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