Author: V. Korobeinikov

Plans for Moscow Olympics Move Ahead


SPIRITUAL CLIMATE OF THE 1980 OLYMPICS. (By Doctor of Philosophy V. Korobeinikov, head of the public opinion Sector of the USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of Sociological Research. Pravda, March 3, p. 8. 1,200 words. Condensed text:)... For all Soviet people, Muscovites in particular, the International Olympic Committee's decision to hold the 22nd Olympic Games in the Soviet Union's capital was an important event, one that drew a great deal of attention from various strata of the working people. .. . The results of the survey "Muscovites on the 1980 Olympics" are graphic evidence of this. The questionnaire, developed by specialists of the USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of Sociological Research, was answered by 919 scientifically selected Moscow residents over 14 years of age, representing all strata of the capital's population of eight million. ...

It's no accident that 92% of the respondents offered the opinion that the 1980 Olympics will to one extent or another help turn Moscow into a model communist city.

This figure apparently displeases the anti-Sovieteers and their propaganda services. Evidently the venomous radio waves sent out by various foreign "voices," which have sought to convince Soviet people that the preparations for the Olympics will lead to an infringement of the working people's interests, have not achieved their objectives. In reality, the capital's well-appointed new residential microborough, where the Olympic Village will be located, the splendid sports complexes and other installations were all, in the last analysis, built with the needs of the city's residents in mind.

It's no secret, for example, that a good many Muscovites dream of obtaining an apartment in one of the eighteen attractive 16-story buildings where the Olympians will be housed this summer. As a result, for many of the capital's residents the approach of the Games is linked to pleasant post-Olympic expectations. ...

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