Founded in 1949-Publislwd Each Week by American Association for the Advancement

of Slavic Studies

Ralph T. Fisher, Jr., University of Illinois, President; Gregory Grossman, University of California at Berkeley, Vice-President; Murray Feshback, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Treasurer; Edward Thaden, The University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Executive Secretary. Committee for The Current Digest of the Soviet Press: E. Willis Brooks, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chairman; Elizabeth M. Clayton, The University of Missouri at St. Louis; Robert H. Burger, University of Illinois.

Leo Gruliow, Founder and Editor Emeritus

Robert S. Ehlers, Executive Editor

Frederick C. Schulze, Editor

Senior Copy Editor: Ronald Branch. Translators/Editors: Ann C. Bigelow, Deborah Hunter, Gordon Livermore, Quarterly Index: Susan Branch. Composition and Proofreading: Shirley McKown-Chaney. Eva Hughes, Mary Sekercioglu. Susan Tarrier. Business. Manager: Saundra Goodrich.

The Current Digest of the Soviet Press (ISSN0011-3425) is published weekly. Editorial and business offices: The Current Digest of the Soviet Press, 1314 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212. Second class postage paid at Columbus, Ohio. Fifty-two issues per year with four quarterly indexes (included with subscripton at no additional charge). Subscription price: $75.00 per year to institutions or individuals paying $275.00 in each case yearly to sustaining operational fund. Concurrent additional subscriptions to university or college libraries or departments, $80.00 a year (no additional payment to sustaining fund). A reduced rate of $38.00 a year may be granted to faculty, staff and enrolled students of academic institutions which maintain a full-rate sustaining subscription. This reduced-rate subscription is available only for the subscriber's personal use in connection with his position at that academic institution. Postage charged at cost outside the U.S. Single copies of the Digest or quarterly index, $6.50 (plus postage and handling if sent outside the U.S.). Microfilm and microfiche, $125.00 per volume (year).

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