ADDRESS BY BABRAK KARMAL. (Pravda and Izvestia, Dec. 30, p. 4. 1,000 words. Excerpts:) Kabul, Dec. 29 (Tass)-Babrak Karmal, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council and Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, has addressed the country's population over Radio Kabul. He said, in part:

On behalf of the Central Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, the Revolutionary Council and the DRA state and government, I greet you, my long-suffering compatriots, on the occasion of the overthrow of the regime of H. Amin, that bloodthirsty spy of American imperialism, oppressor and dictator. ...

The DRA Revolutionary Council declares with the utmost determination and conviction that it will ensure the freedom and genuine inviolability of the individual and will provide freedom for political prisoners, genuine democracy, work for the unemployed, improved conditions for workers and land for the peasants. The Revolutionary Council will ensure favorable and safe conditions for the return of compatriots who have left the homeland as a result of the Amin regime's bloody oppression. The question of individuals who have taken up arms against the government will be resolved by political means.

The Revolutionary Council will ensure and defend the rights of all classes and democratic strata of society-soldiers, workers, peasants, clergymen, craftsmen, landowners with small and medium-sized holdings, national merchants and entrepreneurs, teachers and students, physicians, engineers, cultural workers, office employees and other compatriots. ... The Revolutionary Council will respect the rights of all Afghanistan's nationalities and will ensure genuine respect and guarantees for the holy religion of Islam and the clergy, lofty national traditions and customs, the foundations of family life, and personal property. The Revolutionary Council will consign the Amin-regime criminals to the people's wrathful justice and subject them to legitimate and just penalties. It will exact restitution for moral ...

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