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SourceCurrent Digest of the Russian Press, The ,  No.52,  Vol.31, January  23, 1980, page(s):24-24
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(Obituary)-YURY VLADIMIROVICH TOLUBEYEV. (Pravda, Dec. 31, p. 3. 400 words. Condensed text:) Soviet art has suffered a severe loss. Yury Vladimirovich Tolubeyev, a prominent figure in Soviet theater and movies, a Hero of Socialist Labor, a USSR People's Artist and winner of a Lenin Prize and USSR and Russian Republic State Prizes, has died at the age of 73. ...

Yu. V. Tolubeyev's remarkable talent came to light with great force in performances of the classical repertoire . ...

Tolubeyev's work in the movies and on television brought him universal recognition.

All of Tolubeyev's creative and public activity was connected with Leningrad-his native city. After graduating from the Institute of Stage Arts in 1929, Tolubeyev appeared on the stages of the young Leningrad theaters spawned by the Great October Revolution, where he showed himself boldly as an artist of the new, socialist stamp. The gifts of this outstanding artist were most fully displayed on the stage of one of the country's oldest theaters-the Leningrad A. S. Pushkin Academic Drama Theater. In his 35 years' work at this theater, Tolubeyev created a gallery of vivid figures the best of which have gone down in the history of theatrical art. ...

For many years he headed the Leningrad division of the All-Russian Theatrical Society. ...

The title Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred on him, and he was awarded two Orders of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor; he was given the honorary title of USSR People's Artist, and he was awarded a Lenin Prize and USSR and Russian Republic State Prizes. ...


There will be no issue of The Current Digest of the Soviet Press bearing the publication date January 30,1980. Issue 52 of Volume XXXI will be dated January 23, 1980, and issue 1 of Volume XXXII will be dated February 6, ...

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