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Author(s)V. Matveyev and M. Sturua
SourceCurrent Digest of the Russian Press, The ,  No.21,  Vol.30, June  21, 1978, page(s):18-18
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Disarmament
Place of PublicationMinneapolis, USA
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Author: V. Matveyev and M. Sturua

UN: JUSTIFY THE PEOPLES' HOPES. (By Special Correspondents V. Matveyev and M. Sturua. Izvestia, May 27, p. 3. 700 words. Condensed text:) New York, May 26- . .. In the lobby at the [UN Special Session on Disarmament] people were asking: What proposals and initiatives will the US present? Now that US Vice-President W. Mondale has spoken, no one here is concealing his disappointment. The American representative's speech contained no specific new proposals on this vitally important matter. The New York Times stresses openly that Mondale's speech "did not contain a single important proposal on disarmament" and that it was unyielding in the spirit of the cold war.

Mondale expressed the hope that the current Soviet-American strategic arms limitation talks will conclude successfully in the near future. In that regard, people in the UN lobby noted that Mondale's speech accented the problem of "control of the arms race." Such an approach inevitably plays down the main question- real steps in the sphere of disarmament.

The members of the Vice-President's audience began to feel particularly strange when he tried to prove that it is not NATO but the Warsaw Pact that is involved in a "military buildup of unprecedented proportions in Europe." Mondale's speech abounded with cliches about the "Soviet threat." In particular, he tried to create the impression that Soviet missiles pose a threat to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Attempting to pass off white as black and black as white, the speaker plainly sought to provoke a quarrel between the Soviet Union and the developing countries. But this is a hopeless undertaking. ...

The peoples of the world are awaiting positive results from the current session that could alleviate the contradictions and tensions and strengthen detente. And in this regard observers are asking: Won't the position taken by the US lead to the reverse? Is American diplomacy trying to produce a confrontation instead of ...

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