Editorial) -TWOARD THE OLYMPICS. (Pravda, July 31, p. 1. 600 words. Condensed text:) ... For the first time, the Olympic Games will be held on hospitable Soviet soil [in 1980]. ...

Having won the largest number of top awards at the last Olympics, Soviet athletes are filled with desire to honorably continue this victorious relay race and to score new successes at home, in Moscow. All the conditions for this exist. The steadily growing ranks of athletes are an inexhaustible source for stocking national collectives with young talent. The material and technical base of sports is improving and expanding: We have recently added well-equipped Olympic training centers to our numerous stadiums, swimming pools and physical culture complexes. Sports organizations have a large detachment of skilled coaches and teachers capable of rearing world-class masters. Here are some vivid examples from recent times. The Soviet junior soccer team won the world championship. Our athletes scored convincing victories in winning the junior world championships in weight lifting, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. In addition, many well-known masters - world and European champions - have not relinquished their titles. This alloy of youth and mature experience is a reliable basis for the USSR National Olympic Team.

We must not forget, however, that in some types of track and field, swimming and rowing events and in other categories Soviet athletes have not yet reached the international level. The USSR Council of Ministers' Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, as well as sports societies and organizations, should take more vigorous action to overcome this lag. We should do a more thorough job of studying and generalizing experience, both Soviet and foreign, in training top-class masters, and we should introduce the latest scientifically substantiated training methods.

The role of moral-volitional and psychological factors in sports today is increasing significantly. One of the main tasks facing coaches, specialists and Young Communist League organizations is ...

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