(Obituary)- GENERAL OF THE ARMY SERGEI MATEYEVICH SHTEMENKO. (Pravda, April 25, p. 3. 250 words. Condensed text:) The prominent Soviet military leader, General of the Army Sergei Matveyevich Shtemenko, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces and Chief of Staff of the United Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact countries, has died after a severe and prolonged illness.

In S. M. Shtemenko the Soviet Armed Forces have lost one of their experienced and honored generals, an active participant in the Great Patriotic War, one who devoted the whole of his adult life to selfless service to our homeland, to the great cause of the Communist Party, of which he was a member from 1930.

S. M. Shtemenko was born into a peasant family in the town of Uryupinsk (Volgograd Province) in 1907. He went to work early in life. In 1926 he joined the Red Army as a volunteer and was sent to the Moscow Artillery School. From that time to his last days S. M. Shtemenko served in the ranks of the armed forces, traversing the glorious path from Red Army private to General of the Army. In 1937 he was graduated from the Military Academy for the Motorization and Mechanization of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army and in 1940 from the General Staff Academy.

The Great Patriotic War found S. M. Shtemenko on the General Staff. Possessing superb military training and unusual organizational abilities, he held a number of responsible posts and headed the operative administration of the General Staff from May 1943. It was during the war years that S. M. Shte-menko's broad military outlook and deep operative thinking came most fully to the fore. He took a direct part in the planning of operations and implementation of the plans of the Supreme Command for the rout of Hitlerite Germany and militarist Japan.


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