Author: V. Komov

In Sharp Focus: BROKEN WINDOW PANE. (By Staff Correspondent V. Komov. Izvestia, Nov. 2, p. 2. 800 words. Complete text:) A pane of glass fell out of a window in the children's room and the woman of the house, who was due at the plant for the second shift, looked in the telephone book for the necessary number and called, taking advantage of her free time during the day.

Someone at Tambov's consumer services bureau told her, "We only have a carpenter, and he can't install glass."

The repair and construction administration's apartment repair shop advised: "There's a stall at the market. They'll cut the piece of glass you need and you can put it in yourself."

"I don't know how, and my husband's away on business."

"It's a snap. You'll figure it out!"

The next day, having bought the glass, she again called the consumer services bureau. This time they took pity on her and said, "We might be able to install it in a week." Needless to say, nobody showed up to help.

When we related this episode to V. Akozina. head of the production department of the province consumer services administration, she did not doubt its authenticity. But she went on to inform us that each year 20 to 25 new types of services are added, that the volume of work done is steadily growing, that the service network is expanding, etc.

In Lipetsk the picture is roughly the same. Granted, the answers received from the business office of the consumer services combine very somewhat: "The workman has been sick a long time. Take the measurements and come in for the glass yourself!" Meanwhile, employees at the retail order taking office of the repair and construction trust of the same-named administration respond with, "Broken glass is not our department. We only take big orders."

To counter "trifling" complaints, ...

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