Scholars and journalists are peculiarly dependent upon following the Soviet press closely for domestic developments, documents, statistics, indications of official attitudes and policies, and public declarations of the U.S.S.R.

It is to help meet this need that the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies publishes this Current Digest.


The two most important Soviet newspapers, Pravda and Izvestia, are received by air mail. Their contents are utilized in the Current Digest within approximately one month after the date of their publication in Moscow. These two possess the highest authority among Soviet newspapers and print most of the general news and information carried by the Soviet press as a whole. The most important items from these two papers are given in full in the Current Digest; others are condensed.

The Current Digest also contains selections from approximately 80 other Soviet newspapers and magazines, which are not usually received in the United States by air mail. Because of the necessary time lag, only material of special or lasting interest to persons engaged in the study of Soviet developments is reprinted from these papers and magazines.

Translation and Condensation

Since the Current Digest is intended to provide documentary materials, every effort is made to preserve the sense and spirit of the Russian text. Each item appearing in the Current Digest carries a reference to the Soviet publication in which it appeared, the date and the page. All items translated in full are designated by the notation (Complete text). The word (Condensed) indicates that portions have been omitted; each such omission is shown by leaders (. . .), while the total number of words in the original, noted at the beginning of the item, enables the reader to gauge the extent of omissions.

The phraseology of the original is retained except in the case of ...

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