Author: N. Utkin

Follow-up on a Letter: HOW APARTMENTS WERE ALLOCATED. (By Staff Correspondent N. Utkin. Pravda, March 7, p. 3. 1,100 words. Condensed text:) Ufa- ... Although more than a year has passed since people moved into apartment house No. 13 on Salavat Street, passions have still not simmered down. What was previously concealed by various documents has now come to light. For instance, garage mechanic A. Mustafin, in order to receive additional living space, listed his grandmother as a family member; so far she has still not been registered as an occupant of her grandson's new apartment. Driver R. Tukhvatullin, who works for a deputy minister and who received a separate apartment not too long ago, listed his mother as a family member and received more living space than he was entitled to. His mother is still living somewhere else, and her name is not even entered in the housing application. G. Iksanov, director of a state stable, listed a nephew as part of his family and moved into a three-room apartment.

To receive housing, certain people resorted to deception and didn't worry about their own prestige. Take Kh. Zari-pov, for example. He is a former chairman of Victory Collective Farm, Chekmagush District. Before retiring on a pension, he drafted a humble request for an apartment in Ufa. Among the documents submitted for receiving housing-documents which the Kirov District Housing Administration has kept on file-there is one that states that Comrade Zaripov left his home and other buildings to his son. However, the erstwhile chairman had no son in that village and sold his home to Victory Collective Farm for 9,000 rubles.

Comrade Idiatullina's warning signal concerning A. Stepa-nova, who received an apartment because she was the sister of Deputy Minister of Agriculture A. Zatinatsky, was also confirmed. A. Stepanova started working at a fish-breeding and land reclamation station several months before the apartment house was finished; earlier ...

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