HOSTILE CAMPAIGN OVER CZECHOSLOVAKIA. (Pravda, Jan. 24, p. 5; Izvestia, Jan. 25, p. 2. Izvestia head: INSTIGATORS. Complete text:) Prague, Jan. 23 (Tass)-In the past few days Western bourgeois propaganda has developed its malicious campaign over Czechoslovakia with fresh force. Note is being taken here of the fact that the reactionary press and radio are striving to complicate the situation in Prague, to impede the process of the consolidation and normalization of political life in the country. Pursuing this aim, the bourgeois propagandists are spreading various kinds of lying and provocative rumors and slanderous statements. They deliberately distort events and facts, trying to excite the population and to sow doubts and fears.

Broadcasts by Western radio stations and the pages of bourgeois newspapers carry candid provocative appeals to "intensify pressure on the government," to make "new demands," to present ultimatums, etc. Some radio broadcasts count on dividing the Czechoslovak people. Attempts are being made to drive wedges between the Communist Party, the trade unions and other public organizations.

West German propaganda displays especially great activity. The newspaper Die Welt claims that the suicide of the Prague student "has plunged Czechoslovakia into a state of severe crisis." Frankfurter Rundschau is unable to conceal the hopes of NATO circles for a split and the undermining of the unity of the Czechoslovak people. In its zeal to present its wishes as reality, the newspaper writes that certain circles do not rule out "a new separation of Slovakia from Bohemia and Moravia."

British, American, West German and other bourgeois newspapers have made open attacks on the Communist Party and the government of Czechoslovakia in the past few days.

The London Daily Telegraph on the one hand incites the extremists in Czechoslovakia to step up their resistance to the process of the normalization of the situation in the country and on the other hand calls upon the Western imperialist powers ...

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