TITO'S CLIQUE-AN AGENT OF IMPERIALISM AND MORTAL ENEMY OF SOCIALISM AND OF THE WORKERS OF YUGOSLAVIA. (A Review of the Contents of Nova Borba, September, 1948-September, 1949; Za Socijalisticku Jugoslaviju, May, 1949-September, 1949. Reviewed by I. Slavyanov. Voprosy ekonomiki, No. 8, August [printed in October], 1949, pp. 97-107. 7,000 words. Condensed text:) A little less than a year has passed since publication of the Cominform resolution on the situation in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the article by Tseka "Where the Nationalism of Tito's Group in Yugoslavia Leads. " The events of that period throw a particularly clear light on the accuracy of the Bolshevist analysis of the situation in the Yugoslav Communist Party and the historic significance to the international workers' movement of these documents of constructive Marxism, ...

The revolutionary Yugoslav emigres who had to leave their own country, owing to persecution by the Tito-Rankovic terrorist regime, are taking an active part in the struggle developing in Yugoslavia against the fascist lackeys of imperialism, for the re-establishment of the Communist Party, and the return of Yugoslavia to the camp of democracy and socialism. Their most important contribution to this struggle is the publication of the newspapers Za Socialisticku Jugoslaviju (Moscow), Nova Borba (Prague), Napred (Sofia), Pod Zastavom Internationallsma (Bucharest) and Za Pobedu (Warsaw). ...

page 30

of the Soviet Press II/1-Pags 31

The editorial in the sixth issue of the newspaper Za Social-Isticku Jugoslaviju says that "the Yugoslav Communist Party, or, to be more precise, the organization which bears that title today, is no longer a Leninist-Stalinist type Communist party, a party of the revolutionary proletariat, in its social composition, in the life within the party, in the methods of its work, or in the policies it pursues. * Thousands of Communists who remained faithful to Marxism-Leninism were killed or tortured to death in prisons or concentration camps by the executioners for ...

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