(Obituary)-MARSHAL OF ARTILLERY VASILY IVANOVICH KAZAKOV. (Pravda, May 26, p. 3. Complete text:) Marshal of Artillery Vasily Ivanovich Kazakov, Hero of the Soviet Union and a member of the C.P.S.U. since 1932, died on May 25, 1968, after a serious illness.

In V. I. Kazakov the Soviet Armed Forces have lost an eminent military commander, an active participant in the Civil War and a hero of the Great Patriotic War, a true son of the Communist Party and the Soviet people.

V. I. Kazakov was born in 1898 in the family of a peasant in the village of Filippovo, Knyaginin Uyezd, Nizhny Novgorod Gubernia. He devoted his entire adult life to the cause of the military defense of the socialist homeland and the strengthening of its defensive might.

Having joined the Red Army as a volunteer in 1918, V. I. Kazakov remained in combat formation for more than 50 years, traversing a long path from Red Army enlisted man to Marshal of Artillery.

In the Civil War years he participated in battles against the White Guards and interventionists during the defense of Petro-grad and also on the Western Front, commanding an artillery battery.

After the end of the war V.I. Kazakov held the posts of commander of an artillery regiment and chief of an artillery division and corps. In 1934 he graduated from the M. V. Frunze Military Academy.

In the period of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Ivanovich took a direct part in battles against the German fascisttroops, commanding artillery on the Bryansk, Don, Central and First Belorussian Fronts. In these years, his military and organizational abilities were manifested with special brilliance. He was a participant in the defense of Moscow, the rout of the German fascist troops outside Stalingrad and at Kursk, the liberation of Warsaw and the storming of Berlin. In the postwar years V. I. Kazakov held a number ...

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