SIGNING OF THE SOVIET-CZECHOSLOVAK TREATY. (Pravda, Oct. 17, pp. 1, 2. 1,400 words. Condensed text:) ... Speech by A. N. Kosygin. -Dear comrades!

We have just signed the Treaty on the Conditions for the Temporary Stationing of Soviet Troops on the Territory of Czechoslovakia. The chief task that the treaty is supposed to perform is to create firm guarantees of security for Czechoslovakia and its socialist gains and to provide reliable protection for the interests of the entire socialist commonwealth from the encroachments of the forces of imperialism and reaction.

The signing of this document is one of the concrete results of the talks held recently between the party and government leaders of our countries and the other socialist states. These talks proceeded in an atmosphere of comradeship and adherence to principle and made it possible to develop a coordinated policy in the interests of our countries and the entire socialist commonwealth. Communists reared in a spirit of internationalism cannot be indifferent to the fate of socialism in other states, as was so aptly expressed in the statement of the Bratislava conference of representatives of the Communist and Workers' Parties of socialist countries. To all of us, the preservation of the gains of socialism in Czechoslovakia, which the working class and the people of your country secured at the price of great efforts and selfless labor, is a sacred internationalist duty.

The treaty concluded today is based on mutual trust between the Communist Parties, governments and peoples of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. This was expressed in the fact that, under the treaty, the greater part of the Soviet troops, as well as the troops of the Polish People's Republic, the Hungarian People's Republic, the German Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of Bulgaria, will be withdrawn from Czechoslovakia in stages during the next few months. In adopting this decision, the ...

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