World Congress in Helsinki: DEFENSE OF PEACE IS VITAL CAUSE OF ALL PEOPLES. (By Tass special correspondent. Pravda, July 14, p. 4. 1,800 words. Condensed text:) Helsinki, July 13-The World Congress for Peace, National Independence and General Disarmament is continuing its work for the fourth day in the capital of Finland. The work of the committees resumed this morning.

The extraordinary plenary session of the World Congress, which began yesterday evening, continued until late at night.

Upon opening the session, the chairman proposed that the delegates observe a minute of silence in honor of the memory of the peace partisans who gave their lives in the name of victory for the cause of peace on earth.

The delegates' speeches at yesterday's session, as on previous days, reflected the deep indignation and anger of the world public aroused by U.S. aggression in Vietnam.

The accusation against American imperialism sounded forth with extraordinary force in the speech of the U.S. delegate, K. Goodlet, which made an enormous impression on the participants in the Congress.

"What will become of us all if we don't stop the war in Vietnam?" the American delegate exclaimed. No one, he stated, could justify the actions of the U.S. government. We, the Americans present at this World Congress of peace, declare that the U.S. government is using immoral means in Vietnam to achieve immoral ends. We call for withdrawal of all U.S. armed forces from Vietnam.

Goodlet told further of the growth of the protest movement in the U.S. against Washington's aggressive course. The following, he stated, are the basic demands of American fighters for peace: Stop the bombing raids in Vietnam; there must be no American troops in South Vietnam; there is no justification for any form of U.S. intervention in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic or any other country; the right to national independence is sacred for all peoples. The ...

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