ACTIVELY CONDUCT ATHEISTIC INDOCTRINATION. (Pravda, March 2, p. 2. 2,100 words.) [This article summarizes briefly the provisions of the Central Committee resolution described in the article from Partiinaya zhizn translated above; it concludes:] No matter in what detail the measures for atheistic indoctrination are elaborated, their success depends above all on the practical work of Party organizations. The

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June plenary session of the C.P.S.U. Central Committee* called on the Party to mount an offensive on all sectors of the ideological front. This demand by the plenary session directly concerns the struggle against religious survivals. All Party organizations are called upon to take up an active offensive against religious ideology, to forge a scientific world view, a scientific ideology in all Soviet people.

The discussion in the Ideological Commission of the question of atheistic work brought out that as yet, unfortunately, not all Party organizations are waging a struggle against religious prejudices. In a number of cases there is complacency and unconcern; no account is taken of the fact that in our country religion is an ideological opponent that openly preaches an ideology alien to science and to the communist world view and that is detrimental to our society. Sometimes Party organizations even tolerate the observance of religious rites by Communists. They look with indifference on violations of Soviet laws by some clergymen, although life demands the organization of effective control over the observance of the legislation on religious cults. Weakness and passivity in atheistic work in fact promote the dissemination of religious ideology and clear the way for the activity of clergymen and sect members.

To conduct scientific-atheistic work extensively and systematically, to struggle persistently for the emancipation of the consciousness of every believer from the narcotic of religion, and to use all ideological means to these ends-this is the urgent ...

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