'AND BE TOUGHER ON THEM, TOUGHER.' - Antiterrorist Operations Continue in Nearly Every Republic of the North Caucasus

Author: Andrei Riskin

'AND BE TOUGHER ON THEM, TOUGHER.' - Antiterrorist Operations Continue in Nearly Every Republic of the North Caucasus. (By Andrei Riskin. Nezavisimaya gazeta, Feb. 22, 2005, p. 8. Condensed text:) Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday to take harsher measures to destroy bands of militants in the North Caucasus. "And be tougher on them, tougher," the president advised Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev. The minister, for his part, informed Putin that an armed band that had been wiped out the day before in Nalchik "had received specific orders from the leaders of the Karachai-Cherkess 'jamaat' organization to carry out subversive terrorist acts in Russia." Moreover, law-enforcement agencies reported accomplishments on the antiterrorist battlefront throughout the day yesterday. ...

It should be noted that the guerrillas who were killed during the storming of a building in Nalchik have already been identified. ... According to law-enforcement agencies' information, they were in fact members of the "Karachai-Cherkess jamaat."

In Karachayevsk yesterday, as in Nalchik the day before, special forces ringed a five-story apartment house on Lenin Street where militants were thought to be hiding. The residents were evacuated. NG was told by a source in the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs that only one guerrilla was in the apartment, and he was killed while attempting to break through the encirclement. Weapons and ammunition were found in the apartment.

Also yesterday, special forces in Chechnya prevented two armed groups from making an incursion into Dagestan. Two guerrillas were killed during the clash. ...

One Chechen rebel was arrested in Stavropol, and the Russian Federal Security Service [FSB] reported yesterday that a certain Abu Dzeit, an Al Qaeda representative in the North Caucasus, had died in Ingushetia back on Feb. 16 (Ingushetia's special services had already reported him dead last summer, incidentally). A native of Kuwait who was known by the nicknames Little Omar and ...

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