American Advertising and Soviet Reality: WE HAVE DIFFERENT WINGS, JERRIE! -Valentina Tereshkova Comments

Author: Val. Goltsev


American Advertising and Soviet Reality: WE HAVE DIFFERENT WINGS, JERRIE! -Valentina Tereshkova Comments. (By Val. Goltsev. Izvestia, July 6, p. 4. Complete text:) After deciding to pay a visit to the commander of the spaceship Vostok-6, we called up Nikolai Petrovich Kaminin and asked: "What is Valentina Tereshkova doing now?" "She continues to carry out the flight program," the general replied briefly. "The program?!"

"Yes, the program. The one worked out before the flight. She and her friend Valery Bykovsky are now under observation by specialists, taking medical tests. The purpose is to establish the effect of a long stay in space on the human organism. The program calls for a strict regime."

The general's answer left no hope even for a brief meeting with the heroine. Nevertheless, I asked:

"Is it possible to show an interesting book to Valentina Tereshkova?" "What book?"

"The American book 'Woman Into Space.' " "What, they have already published one?" "Yes, they published it long before the flight." "What do you mean before the flight?"

"Yes, for the advertisement and propaganda of the American way of life."

I briefly told the general about the book by Jerrie Cobb. "Well, yes, it is a sad story. I guess we have to find a few minutes and show this book to Valentina Tereshkova. She probably will be interested."

We went with Nikolai Petrovich Kaminin to see the commanders of the space ships Vostok-5 and Vostok-6. They are now under examination in a special clinic.

We entered a spacious lobby. White robes, crisp with starch, and little caps were handed to us. We put them on.

"You look like consultants," the nurse on duty remarked. We went up to the second floor. Nikolai Petrovich knocked at one of the doors. A voice was ...

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