Author: D. Korolev

BOUNTEOUS GIFTS OF CORN. (By D. Korolev, Russian Republic First Deputy Minister of Trade. Izvestia, June 23,

* Current Digest of the Soviet Press, Vol. XIV, No. 21, p. 25. [See also Current Digest of the Soviet Press, Vol. XHI, No. 24, pp. 29-30.]

p. 3. Complete text:) Corn is called the queen of the fields. It can and must also become the queen of the table. How many products can be obtained from its golden ears I Corn flakes with milk are an excellent, nutritious breakfast. Salads made from corn-with spring onions, vegetable oil, fresh cucumbers, carrots and sour cream-are delicious and wholesome. First courses are good with corn-borshch, rassolnik and cream soups. They successfully compete with traditional soups. And just as I say "traditional," I am stopped by the thought that, after all, corn soups also have been known for a very long time. Their recipes are undeservedly forgotten.

Many love fresh boiled corn on the cob with butter or canned corn in milk or in tomato sauce. There are more than a few fanciers of cornmeal pancakes, corn patties with cabbage, fried cornmeal mush, baked corn and corn fritters. Corn cakes, cookies, buns and milk pudding with corn flakes can be used in the dessert course; these are pleasant desserts. Corn flakes glazed with sugar, and popcorn, or, as it is sometimes called, "exploded" corn, are a delicacy.

A quite good beer and carbonated drinks-Golden Ear, Polesye and Ruby, which already have their admirers-are obtained from corn.

The culinary specialists of the Russian Republic have worked out more than 50 recipes for hors d'oeuvres and dishes in which corn is used. Many different dishes are prepared from it in the Ukraine, Moldavia and Georgia.

Corn is its own best advertisement. This is clear from the quick rate at which products made of it are being bought up. Right now we ...

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