Mail of the Young Communard Club: INVITATION TO THE DANCE

Author: Lev Kassil


Which Dance Steps Are Acceptable? Two Answers

Mail of the Young Communard Club: INVITATION TO THE DANCE. (By Lev Kassil. Komsomolskaya pravda, April 6, p. 2. Complete text:) "We are writing to the Young Communard Club to ask for help and advice.

"We are in the ninth grade. Young Communist League members. Good students. We have no disciplinary breaches on our records up to now. But, as is natural for people of our age, we like to sing and dance.

"There is a House of Culture not far from the school. Dances are held there several times a week. What evil can result if we go dancing in our free time, on Saturdays and Sundays? But upon the demand of the school authorities, the road there is barred to us. 'Go to the Young Pioneer Club. It has a dance circle,' the director tells us. But is it not clear to everyone that we are bored at the Young Pioneer Club, and they have only ballroom dances?

"Anyway, the other day we went to the House of Culture. After that, the class counselor wrote in everybody's record book: 'Serious warning issued for going to House of Culture.' The director read us a lecture to the effect that it is indecent for a Soviet school pupil to be fascinated by modern dances, that we must uphold our reputation, and so on, as if we had done something beneath contempt.

"Recently we had a school party. Somebody brought some long-playing records of jazz dances. You should have seen how excited the teachers on duty at the party became. The records were immediately 'confiscated.' The one who brought them received a dressing down.

"Why is there such a strange attitude toward modern dances? Please answer us.-L. Yegorova, V. Borisova and I. Kotelni-kov, ...

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