Pravda Interview: EARTH-OUTER SPACE-EARTH.-Outstanding Scientific Experiment Is Successful

Pravda Interview: EARTH-OUTER SPACE-EARTH.-Outstanding Scientific Experiment Is Successful. (Pravda, March 12, p. 4. 600 words. Condensed text:) As has already been reported, the fourth space ship-satellite, which was placed in orbit around the earth on March 9, 1961, successfully landed in a predesignated area of the Soviet Union. The space ship-satellite's cabin contained the dog Chernushka. The main aim of this new outstanding scientific, experiment was to further perfect the design of the space ship-satellite and of the systems installed on it to ensure the necessary conditions for future man's flights.

A Pravda correspondent asked at the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences how the apparatus and the equipment of the space ship-satellite had functioned during the entire experiment-from the launching to the landing on earth-and how the four-legged astronaut-the dog Chernushka-feels after the flight.

The President of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences said:

"The preliminary processing of the telemetric information received from the fourth Soviet space ship-satellite has shown that the whole apparatus and automatic equipment on board had functioned normally during the ship's flight on the orbit and during the landing process and had ensured the fulfillment of the assigned flight program.

"The normal functioning and the set work regimes of the systems that ensure the maintenance of the conditions for normal vital activity inside the ship have been confirmed.

"The following operations took place in the set time and in the proper order: the separation of the space ship-satellite from the last stage of the rocket carrier, the placing of the antenna systems on board in working position, the switching on of the orientation system and the switching on and off of the automatic equipment in the sector of the ship's landing on earth.

"The heat regulation system maintained the temperature inside the ship within the limits of 16 degrees and 20 degrees above zero. The humidity of the air inside the ...

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