(Obituary)-S. F. GALADZHEV

(Obituary)-S. F. GALADZHEV. (Pravda, Dec. 27, p. 4. Complete text:) Lt. Gen. Sergei Fyodorovich Galadzhev died Dec. 23, after a long and severe illness.

S. F. Galadzhev was born in 1902 into a working class family. He devoted his entire conscious life to the great cause of serving the Soviet people and the Communist Party, of which he had been a member since 1926.

Volunteering for the Soviet Army in 1920, Sergei Fyodorovich traveled a glorious path in its ranks from private to general. S. F. Galadzhev held a number of responsible posts as a Party political worker. During the years of the great patriotic war he worked as the head of the Political Administration on a number of fronts and proved himself a skillful organizer and leader of Party political work among the troops. In his indefatigable work, S. F. Galadzhev was an example of devoted service to the homeland and the Communist Party cause. After the war, he did responsible Party political work in the apparatus of the Central Administrations of the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Defense, devoting all his strength, great experience and knowledge to the further strengthening of the Soviet Armed Forces.

The Soviet government highly regarded S. F. Galadzhev's services to the homeland; he was awarded the Order of Lenin three times, the Order of the Red Banner four times, the Order of Suvorov Second Class, the Order of the Patriotic War First Class, and six medals.

The memory of S. F. Galadzhev-a faithful son of the Communist Party and a sensitive, responsive comrade-will long be retained in our hearts.-[Signed by] N. A. Bulganin, A. M. Vasilevsky, G. K. Zhukov, I. S. Konev, A. S. Zheltov, M. S. Malinin, G. K. Malandin, F. F. Kuznetsov, K. S. Moskalenko, V. I. Vinogradov, A. S. Zhadov, P. G. Stolypin, M. M. Pronin, S. Ye. Zakharov, N. V. Pupyshev, S. S. Shatilov, S. I. ...

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