CONSTRUCTION OF NEW STADIUM IN CAPITAL. (Pravda, March 2, p. 2. Complete text:) As the press has already reported, a Spartakiada will be held in Moscow in the summer of 1956. Thousands of athletes and physical culturists will take part in it. This vast sports competition will take place in a new stadium at Luzhniki, near Moscow State University. Moscow architects, engineers and draftsmen are now working out the plan for the stadium. Extensive construction work will develop on the banks of the Moscow River in Luzhniki in the spring of 1955. The stadium, including various sports installations, will cover an area of 165 hectares. The main building will be the sports arena with a seating capacity of 100,000.

The new stadium will have a swimming pool 50 meters long and a diving pool. They will have a seating capacity of 15,000. It is planned to build a large gymnasium, seating 20,000, which can be used for boxing, gymnastics, fencing, basketball, volleyball and tennis events.

An open-air stadium with a summer skating rink is planned with the same seating capacity. Hockey and figure-skating events will take place on artificial ice.

It is planned to build dozens of tennis courts and several soccer fields and volleyball and basketall courts on the stadium grounds.

A large part of the stadium grounds at Luzhniki will be used as skating rinks in the winter months.

Automatic scoring devices will be used for sports events. For example, with the help of such devices judges in light athletics will have not only the time results of a track run, but also a photograph of the finish. Such devices will be used in almost all types of sports.

Builders will lay streetcar and trolley-bus lines to the stadium at Luzhniki. The Usachevskaya Subway Station will be situated not far from the stadium.

The new stadium in Luzhniki will be ...

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