(Editorial)-FOR HIGH CORN YIELDS. (Pravda, June 28, p. 1. 1200 words. Condensed text:) ... In carrying out the decisions of the January plenary session of the Party Central Committee, agricultural workers have sown 16,800,000 hectares to corn this year. This is almost 13,000,000 hectares more than last year. ... The overfulfillment of the corn sowing plan is a great success. But it is only the beginning. The most important thing in the struggle for a good harvest is good care of the plants, thinning them in good time, and inter-row cultivation. ...

This year 840,000 hectares have been sown to corn in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk Provinces. All of the corn has been sown by the square-cluster method, enabling the mechanization of inter-row cultivation. Collective and state farms assured early sprouting and planted a second time where sprouts failed to appear. The second cultivation of the plants is being completed. At the same time the agricultural workers of Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk Provinces are successfully building silos and preparing for harvesting and ensiling of ears and stalks separately. Moldavian Republic collective and state farms have organized corn cultivation in a skillful way.

However, this is not the way matters stand in all regions of our country. ... There are 153,000 hectares sown to corn in Orel Province; but by June 20 only 25% of this area had either been cultivated by the inter-row method or weeded.

The corn fields on many collective farms of Volodarsky, Zalegoshch, Pokrovskoye, Bolkhov and Kromy Districts are overgrown with weeds. The officials of a number of Machine and Tractor Stations have adopted the position of outside observers. With machinery, the M.T.S. of Orel Province should be able to cultivate not less than 20,000 hectares a day; but in actual fact much less is being cultivated. At one time Orel Province officials were seriously criticized for their attitude to corn sowing. It does not ...

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