Author: Pavel Kuznetsov

Motion Pictures: UNSUCCESSFUL SCREEN ADAPTATION. (By Pavel Kuznetsov. Pravda, Oct. 25, p. 4. 800 words. Condensed text:) ... New films on the revolution are being released for the 40th anniversary of October.

Among them is "Storm,"* produced by the Leningrad Film Studio.

* Script by V. Bill-Belotserkovsky and M. Bleiman, with the participation of M. Dubson; M. Dubson, director; D. Meskhiyev, cameraman; music by N. Chervinsky. Produced by the Leningrad Film Studio, 1957.

The goal of the film's makers was a screen adaptation of V. Bill-Belotserkovsky's play, which was successfully staged back in 1925, in which the playwright described the first years of Soviet rule in a small Russian town. Famine, illness, dislocation, White Guardist plots, rebellions-all these were courageously surmounted by the Communists, who spearheaded the revolutionary enthusiasm of the masses.

And now, 32 years later, we once more meet the play's characters, this time on the screen. We meet them, and we cannot believe our eyes. How grossly the picture violates the severe and stirring truth of life, how distorted are the ideas and characters of the play! No longer is there a harmonious and captivating plot; nothing is left of it but episodic shreds that flash by without order and that the audience sometimes has difficulty following.

The script and the film itself actually have very little in common with the play, which has been cut up and mutilated.

In the play we saw strong-willed and purposeful Bolsheviks full of revolutionary passion; the film's characters, however, are limited people whose actions make it hard to believe that they are real revolutionaries.

Burmin, chairman of the district Party committee, whom we remember from the play as an intelligent, strong-willed and discerning Communist leader, is so colorless and shortsighted in the film that one wonders how such a man could have carried the masses with him. Moreover, he is represented as ...

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