Author: V. Sokolov

A Soviet Cookbook for the Busy Housewife

The Bookshelf: A GIFT TO THE FAMILY. (By V. Sokolov. Literaturnaya gazeta, May 22, p. 2. Complete text:) At first glance this appears to be an ordinary cookbook. What are you told here besides how to make jellied fish or cauliflower soup?

The intelligent, carefully compiled and excellently edited book before us is by no means confined to recipes.

"A Book on Appetizing and Healthful Food" * takes into consideration the high level of our trade and our food industry; it is written for Soviet women who, as a rule, combine housework with jobs and community activities.

"In the cities homemade bread has been replaced by factory-made bread. Fine sausages from the meat combines far surpass the formerly homemade sausages. Factory jams have completely replaced homemade jams. Ready-made and frozen meat dumplings liberate the housewife from the time-consuming bother of preparing them. Various canned and semiprepared foods enjoy greater and greater popularity," the authors of this book correctly assert, concluding from this that "the further development of the food industry must soon ensure women's almost complete emancipation from hard work in the kitchen."

From the general advice that "use of semiprepared foods and canned goods considerably hastens the preparation of dinner" to the suggested sample menus for every day of the week and all times of the year, all the advice here helps the housewife save her time. The authors, moreover, warn that "an indifferent, careless attitude toward diet is not in the least desirable.

* [For articles on the need for books on healthful diet see Current Digest of the Soviet Press, Vol. in, Nos. 34 and 43.]

Do not neglect either your own or your family's diet." The authors opportunely and tactfully criticize the negligent housewife who has several dishes which she alternates and serves over and over again for several years. The ...

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