Author: Spiro Koleka

ALBANIA'S FIRST FIVE-YEAR PLAN. (By Spiro Koleka, Member of Politburo of Albanian Workers' Party Central Committee. Pravda, May 25, p. 3. 2000 words. Excerpts:) The Second Congress of the Albanian Workers' Party, expressing the will of the workers, peasants and intelligentsia of the country, has worked out the tasks for the first five-year plan in developing Albania's national economy for 1951-1955. A special session of the National Assembly of the People's Republic of Albania, which was held recently, confirmed the law on the first Albanian five-year plan.

Comrade Enver Hoxha, leader of the Albanian people, pointed out that the basic political task of the five-year plan consists in strengthening the alliance between the working class and the peasants and strengthening the leading role of the working class in this alliance, in restricting capitalist speculative elements in cities and the countryside and raising the cultural level of the working masses, in heightening the socialist consciousness of the working class, the revolutionary vigilance and patriotism of the working masses. The basic economic task of the five-year plan is to lay the economic foundations for socialism at a more rapid pace than up to the present,so that by the end of the five-year plan Albania may be turned from a backward agrarian country into an agrarian-industrial country.

The rapid growth of home industry will bring about a considerable reduction in imports; the public will have a more regular supply of manufactured goods; the disproportion which exists today between the prices of manufactured goods and agricultural produce will be narrowed; Albanian exports will rise rapidly.

The development of agriculture will also be increased. The country will be better provided with its own grain; this will enable grain imports to be substantially decreased; light industry will obtain essential raw materials in sufficient quantity; the number and productivity of livestock will increase. ...

There is no doubt that the Albanian people, ...

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