Author: Josif Pashko


FASCIST TITO CLIQUE IS SWORN ENEMY OF ALBANIAN PEOPLE. (By Josif Pashko, Secretary of the Albanian Workers' Party Central Committee. Pravda, Sept. 12, p. 4. 2200 words. Condensed text:) ... Recently the traitorous Tito band has intensified intrigues against the Albanian people. ...

The Belgrade traitors' hostile activity against the Albanian people this year had two principal directions:

1. Organization on Yugoslav territory of espionage and terrorist groups and their transfer to Albania for espionage, terror and sabotage.

2. A chauvinistic, nationalistic policy to systematically exterminate Albanians living in Yugoslavia at Kosovo and Meto-hija. ...

In June, 1952, state security agencies, with the population's help, liquidated two bands sent to our territory by Rankovic's U.D.B. (the U.D.B. is the Titoite secret service). ... From the testimony of surviving terrorists and also from documents seized it was established that the Titoite secret service has set up preparatory centers for saboteurs along the whole Yugoslav-Albanian border in order to send them into the Albanian People's Republic. ...

"On June 12, 1952," Takhir Mucha testified, "U.D.B. Capt. Dance came to Prilep from Zagreb. He summoned me, Chausha Aliya, and Bairama Dita, and said that they were sending us to Albania. Then he told us how to cross the border and what we were to do in Albania. Our tasks were to gather political, economic and military information; to carry on counterrevolutionary agitation; to form bases which we could use at any moment; in every way to compromise the honest, devoted people of people's Albania and carry out terror against Party workers and nonparty aktiv members."

... In May saboteurs from Yugoslavia killed an Albanian Workers' Party member, Mukho Selmani, from ambush in the Shkoder hills. On June 28, two saboteurs, who had crossed the border from Ohrid, tried to make short work of the patriot Khamdi Bogdani and his family from the village of ...

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